About Us

Tai Adediji

Peter Tai Adediji, GMD/CEO, Peninscope Professional Warranty Ltd, Publisher PensionScope Media, Consultant to Government, Corporate Organisations & Individuals.

The journey to setting up of PENINSCOPE Professional Warranty Ltd has been long and tortuous spanning almost three decades. The vision of the founder has been to equate the quality of human life at retirement with life when in active service, with the possibility of balancing the equation. This has led to various studies, working experiences, acquiring skills as well as engaging in public lectures and getting feedbacks on how life could be made better at retirement.

After all the almost three decades of professional so- journey, the need to go into private initiative was conceived and among other professional activities, the consulting firm – PENINSCOPE Professional Warranty Ltd was given birth to, to give closer professional attention to issues on pension, retirement planning, counseling, human management, insurance and relevant public works for the betterment of humanity. Today those who have had course to taste the promoter’s work in the past are now becoming ardent clients to have a better taste of the ‘new wine’.

Our objective includes the development of pension and insurance financial sub-sector, by promoting free flow of information and generates issue of interest among the very expansive readership, listeners and viewers.

Our target audience include every worker, professional, unions – labour and trade unions, Employers of labour, Retirees, Stakeholders in pension and allied matters, Government ministries, departments and agencies, Educational institutions, libraries and bookshops.