How to Retire Without Stress — Modibo



Mr. Umaru Modibo, the Managing Director/CEO of Sigma Pensions Ltd, in this exclusive interview explains how current employees can retire tomorrow without facing difficulties in accessing their pensions. He also spoke on how Sigma Pensions is adding value to its clients and sundry issues. Excerpts:

Following the passage into law of the Pensions Reform Act in 2004, a team of seasoned professionals in the financial industry, inspired by the need to provide retirement happiness and change the fortunes of many Nigerians incorporated this company in August 2004 with the sole objective of undertaking the business of pension fund administration in Nigeria

We believe that by providing retirement happiness to many Nigerian families, we would be able to touch the lives of many more. Today, that dream has become a reality. So, even though we started 10 years ago without a single client, today we have over 600,000 RSA customers, and eight defined benefit schemes under our management. Our shareholders’ fund is in excess of N2.6 billion and we currently employ over 200 Nigerians. We have really made many Nigerians happy.

In terms of the job, we provide the customers whose pension assets we effectively and efficiently manage and grow their values, the retirees that we pay regularly as at and when due, not to mention the beneficiaries of our deceased customers whom we make their grieving easier by ensuring that their deceased benefits are paid promptly to the rightful person.

Obviously, it has not been all rosy: we have had our own share of the challenges of every start-up. But our testimony today is that we were able to surmount all the challenges, thanks to our team of very dedicated employees and faithful customers who have been with us through thick and thin.

Your target is to be among the top PFAs. When do you hope to achieve this and how do you intend to get there?
Already, we are among the top PFAs in Nigeria as ensured by our large and ever growing client base, Funds Under Management (FUM), Service Delivery, Share Holder Funds, Unit Price and Investment returns. We presently have in place business strategies to achieve excellence in customer experience management, innovation, accelerated business growth, and brand visibility while leveraging on our corporate values of people leadership and culture.

How would you describe Sigma Pensions’ service delivery culture?
We pride ourselves as a customer-centric organisation. This is obvious in the way and manner we treat our customers. Clients are considered as an integral part of Sigma business model and satisfying them and surpassing their expectations within the ambit of the law is what Sigma stands for.

Our multilingual telephony service, increasing presence in known social media platforms, wide network of branch offices and service centres are physical evidence of our unreserved commitment to excellence in service delivery. We have a robust benefit payment system which caters for our over 9000 retirees who are on the monthly pension withdrawals.

In order to better serve our customers, we listen to and appreciate their feedback. It is against this background that the company thought it fit to undertake an independent customer service survey every year. The one for 2015 has just been concluded, if I will be sincere with you the feedback has been helpful; very helpful.

Most Nigerians have been asking that the pension funds be invested in infrastructure, is that wise?
We as pension fund administrators have a duty to our clients to safely invest their funds based on the investment risk threshold as identified by our experienced team of investment experts.

PFA Investment Portfolios are governed by the investment instruments and the attendant exposure levels identified and regulated by the National Pension Commission. The government also has the option of raising funds for infrastructure development by the issuance of Federal Government Treasury Bills or ISPO backed state bond which the Pension Reform Act 2014 (as amended) fully supports.

How prepared is Sigma Pensions for the transfer window?
We are looking forward to the transfer window. Presently our clients enjoy excellent service delivery therefore when the window opens other RSA holders can be referred to us by these clients so that they can also start benefiting from our services. Continue

Culled from Daily Trust